25 September 2016

When the cat decides, and putting a scarf on a tank.

I decided I'd try to blog at least once a month, and of course the month has been busy.  Among other (non-job) things:

And of course, a certain amount of travel.  I managed to connect a business trip to the North Carolina Opera premiere of "Das Rheingold", which was the first time the opera had been performed in the Southeastern USA since it premiered 147 years ago.  And although not fully staged, it was quite a wonderful production - and I've seen a lot of operas, a lot of Wagner, and several Ring Cycles.  The benefit of a partial staging is that the performers and characters and story really get to shine.

I've decided not to enter the Berlin Fair this year, but I will work on a couple of projects with an eye towards next year.  I was thinking of being on a retreat that weekend, then some other things came up, and I'll be traveling elsewhere.  Either way, it complicates the dropoff, or pickup, or both.

I finished the last set of blankets for my niece's birthday gift, and when I counted I realized I made one more than needed (she's 16, I made 17 total), but I had been having fun playing with yarn and of course they were handy sizes to carry around and work on whenever.
I'd made another in these colours, and
had plenty of yarn left for a second one.

Basic diagonal pattern, different yarns.

This one is based on the Ten-Stitch pattern

This extra number came in handy because my niece's cat decided that one of the blankets is HERS.

I also made pieces for the Sherman Tank at the WWII Museum in New Orleans.  They asked people to make pieces of a certain size and yarn and colours to celebrate the Knit Your Bit 10th Anniversary on September 17th, at which they gave scarves to veterans.  (They distribute scarves regularly, and have established local outposts to shorten the travel.)  I was going to make one piece, but someone posted about doing one in every colour, and I managed to find all of them (some stores had sold out), so I did also.
The pieces I made - US#35 needles!

Museum staff model the finished scarf.

The Sherman Tank with its scarf.  Booyah!

Now I'm working on baby blankets.  Which I decided to do somewhat spontaneously, and will post more about once they are done and delivered.