11 December 2010


For quite some while, people have asked if I have a blog. People have suggested that I should have a blog. And for about as long, I haven't been interested in blogging, because I feel it's an obligation to talk to the greater world and I don't think I'm up to the challenge. Not that I'm all that unsociable, although I have my moments, but because I didn't think I had much to say that anybody would want to read.

Meanwhile, I also hear from people that they enjoy my posts on Facebook, although I really don't think I post that much, and joined mostly so I could see the pictures that friends post there. I certainly am not as eloquent as
some people I know. Then I thought about the times when I couldn't contain everything I wanted to say in 400 characters or whatever is the current limit. And so, after much thought and practice through posting on other blogs and commenting on still other blogs, I decided to give it a go.

So here I am.

My guess is that in the beginning, the readers will mostly be friends, so I was just going to post that I have a blog and see what happens. No guarantees about how often I will post or what I will say. Then I thought that people who don't know me well might take a look and would want to know more, and the "About Me" box at the right is really small, so I composed this:

Right. Well, online I am 5'7" tall with auburn hair and hazel-green eyes. In reality I am 5'notmuch" with dark brown hair and brown eyes with a tendency to hazel. I have lived in several countries and regions of the USA, currently in New England after a decade in North Texas. I am still adjusting to hills and other verticals (lots), greenery (LOTS), and the fact that distances mean very different things than they did in Texas. Everything seems to be both closer and further away, which boggles my metaphysics.

I have no pets and many hobbies. I seem to collect both books and hobbies at a frightening rate. Especially when the hobbies are the kinds that require stuff to accomplish. I am trying to do something about this, but the inanimate objects seem to be winning. I also collect art, which doesn't help. And I do yoga to Pink Floyd.

People have said that I am an interesting writer and I should have a blog so that there is one place for my writing and project reports. [Speaking of which - the profiles pic is an oddballs blanket I did based loosely upon the Moderne Baby Blanket in the first Mason-Dixon Knitting book with a centre of Noro Kochoran and the rest all kinds of wool and animal fibre blends.] I think it's a bit lazy of people to ask me to blog just so they have something to read, but here goes.

Actually, I composed it a while ago. I thought about the blog, and whether to do it, and when to start it, and revised the "About Me," and read other people's blogs that seem much more interesting than I could write (LOTS), and debated about the background, and got really busy at work (multiple times), and wondered if I should do it on a key date like 10/10/10 or the 7th of November (both of which I missed) or waiting until Pi Day. Then I thought that this would be a reasonably auspicious date, and sometimes you just have to hold your nose, close your eyes, and jump into the deep end.

Here I go!

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