13 May 2012

Eight Sweaters, Two Movies, and a Shawl

I've been busy, not just with work but also meeting a knitting deadline for Mittens for Akkol, which does a big project every spring.  One of the founders makes a trip with sets of warm woollies for each graduate of their independent living program.  Each graduate gets to choose three colours and the knitters make a sweater, hat, scarf, mittens, and two pairs of socks for each graduate, plus a few extras in case someone wasn't there on measuring day.
Since I find sweaters easier to do, with the big swaths of repetitive knitting that works well for conference calls, meetings, and traveling, I signed up for several and ended up knitting these:

As you can see, I did a number of styles, partly to keep my interest and partly to try new things and partly so the grads wouldn't feel that their sweaters were cranked out.  Although it felt a bit that way at the end!  Even when I used the same basic pattern, as on the two cardigans, I did enough variation that I don't think they look the same.  And I tried to organize the pictures a little better, but am giving up at this point.

The purple-acid yellow-aqua one was fun to do, in part ot incorporate the colours.  It's one of the "extra" sets and when someone said she was knitting mittens, hat, and scarf with the yellow, I remembered that I had some in stash and was wondering what to do.  It went very well with the other colours, I think.  The basic style is the same as the purple-turquoise-black one.

Seven of the sweaters are for girls, one for a boy - yes, it's the solid-colour gansey.  All are wool or wool-alpaca, because it is COLD in Kazahkstan.  I knit most with doubled yarn, partly for speed and partly for warmth.

In addition, I found a wool hat (handspun and handdyed yarn) that I send, and was asked to test-knit some mittens for their fundraising pattern book.  After I finished them, I combined leftover purple alpaca-wool with the remaining handdyed yarn used for the mittens, and made a matching hat:

After all that was done, I had a bit of startitis.  And I wanted to make something for ME as a reward for all those sweaters.  So I knit a shawl.  Apparently this post has as many pictures as I can include, so I will have to tell you about the shawl separately.

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