21 August 2013

I won a book!

My local library has a summer reading program.  In the Adult division, you can get prizes if you read a certain number of books and write a review.  Normally, I read a LOT of books, but I was working on a play this summer and didn't have as much time as usual.  So I was well behind.  Then I managed to do some catching-up, and when I went tonight to see what prizes I had won, this is what I was given:

Actually, I got to choose them all.  The packages of wildflower seeds appeared to all be the same, but there was a choice of two bookmarks (the other has a stylized coffeecup with "Read" on one side and "Relax" on the other) and three shelves of books, most of them review copies.  I could choose my book.  As you may imagine, that was not easy.

First, I checked the two mysteries, but neither seemed very interesting.  One was from a series set in Maine, the other about a bartender in Milwaukee, and while my connections there made that appealing I wasn't as excited as other people might be that it includes drinks recipes.  I looked at most of the books on all three shelves.  A number of them are ones I either have, or have read, or both.  or they are in my "waiting" queue - usually a book being passed around my family and I'm waiting for my turn.

So I went with a book that I thought I'd be unlikely to take out of the library, a historical novel whose central character is a cook.  Uncorrected proof, so I'm spotting typos in the first two pages, but interesting enough, and I'm sure I can pass it to a friend once I'm done.  I won't be able to sell it to Half Price Books, although I intend to take a carton or two of books and magazine there on Friday.  Just another version of recycling - while they work out my price, I do a little shopping......


MargoLynn said...

I have finished the book. "Uncorrected Proofs" indeed! But it moves fast (given that it is 400 pages), and now I want to do some research to see if some of the events did occur as written. The author's note at the end pointed out some changes she made to bring events together, but others were not mentioned.

The book does end on a bit of cliffhanger, a clear opening to sequels. Unfortunately, it appears that my favourite character may die before then, and at the hand of my other favourite (before that) character. I may have to see if there is a sequel and find out.

Historical fiction fluff, more depth than many which is why I enjoyed it, but my type of a summer reading book. Recommended, if you like a multi-character historical semi-romance with a dash of mystery and a couple dashes of adventure.

Alison said...

Read and Relax while the flowers grow beside you. (Silly Blogger. It's me, Alison at spindyeknit.com.)

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