30 April 2017

Bunnies and Drunkards and Random Paths

This past week, three things came together in a random way that highlight the randomness in my life and some of the paths I have taken.

First, I was finishing some semi-abandoned art pieces for an exhibit opening next weekend.  I will post more about them tomorrow as part of a "UFO Blogroll", but as I was working on one I mentioned to a friend who is also an artist that I had a plan for the piece, and I wondered if it would come out as I envisioned.  My friend, more experienced in producing art, counseled that sometimes you just have to let the piece tell you what it's going to be.  You can read tomorrow how that worked out.

Second, I was able to get a ticket to hear Franklin Habit speak on the topic of "Follow Your Bunny: The Creative Life from A to Q."  He is worth hearing no matter what the subject, but this one applies to almost any artist, not just one in the fiber arts.  Although the promotion said it would address what to do "if your creative well runs dry?", he spoke more to allowing creativity to flow and occasionally meandering off the expected path if something sufficiently interesting crosses it.
Gratuitous fan picture taken from well back in the auditorium.
Third, whilst looking for something (the best way to find other things you didn't know or remember you'd lost) I found my copy of The Drunkard's Path: How Randomness Rules Our Lives.  The fact that I have had this for a long time without finishing it was underscored to me by the fact that it came from Borders Books, which ceased operations in 2011.

The author writes about chaos theory and randomness and how things that appear to be random often are not as random as they appear.  I brought the book as my current trip-reading, and have plunged in to the discussion of how intuition and logic analyze experience to create innate decision trees.  More to come as I work my way through the chapters.

So now I am left to ponder whether it's mere coincidence that these three events, seemingly random yet about randomness, occurred in the same week.  Serendipity?  Cosmic message?  Or just a week in which three random threads happened to reach a crossroads, and not really as random as they seem?

I have a book to read, and yarn to play with, and another blog post to prepare so I can post it tomorrow.  Maybe a drunk (or not) bunny will cross my path and I'll end up doing something else.

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