14 January 2011

Snow pictures from Winter Storm Benedict

You know it's a big storm when they give it a name - I've never heard of a winter storm with a name. It also had thunder and lightning, which was new to me.

Here are some photos from early morning, as soon as there was enough light to photograph:

The morning and noontime pictures were taken from inside my house. These are from the kitchen window, the landing to the second floor, and two from my home office.

The next lot is from noon, and you can see how much more snow there was. The total in my town was reported officially as 22", and we might not have had that much - a neighbor said that his measuring device had 15-16" of snow by midafternoon.

For comparison, here are two shots of a bench next to the walkway outside my home, one from morning and one from early afternoon:

I also took pictures in late afternoon, once I could walk outside safely, and will post some later.

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