14 January 2011

Sock Yarn Mittens

I finished these in time for the storm:
They are from an oddball of self-striping sock yarn (lost the band) knit with US#2 dpns and a basic mitten pattern that lives in my head. I knit one, then knit the other, and had enough yarn left with the right repeats to go back to the first one (on the right in the photograph) and reknit the fingers portion so that the stripes are more even. I was almost done when I realized that they look like fraternal twins, matched opposites. Pretty cool and I didn't plan it, I just started the second mitten where the yarn ended for the first one.
These are very close-fitting to my hands and I really like them. I am going to knit some more with a couple other oddballs. They are also handy as carry-around projects because they are so small.

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Merry Karma said...

They turned out cute ML.

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