23 March 2011

Guest Blogger says it all

I saw a guest blogger post on the website of our major local newspaper that focuses on the plight of children in one state, but many of the facts would apply to other states where I've lived. Children who do not get enough food not only can't grow properly, but their brains don't develop correctly, they can't focus in school or study at home, and they pretty much start out with losses that can't be recovered later. Summer is coming, and that's when many families face the most strain on their food budgets as the children no longer get free meals at school and the family has to provide all the food a child eats in a day. Last summer, the number of persons coming to the mobile food truck at which I assist (it's coming around tomorrow) every four week tripled over what we see in the winter. Not just doubled - TRIPLED.

Programs are available. We have to make sure they stay available, are fully-funded, that the families know about them, and that the kids get the food. In a country like ours, there's no reason for children to go hungry.

Edited to add: One such program has been launched in my state. Does your state do something similar? Let me know, I'm interested to see what the country is doing to prevent childhood food insecurity, hunger, and related problems.

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