11 March 2011

Virtual Baby Shower

My friend Afton had the idea that we should have a "virtual baby shower" for another lady on KnitTalk, who was missing out on our annual list gift swap due to being, possibly, otherwise occupied at the time. Semi-secretly Afton organized people to make items for Suzanne, and I agreed to be the collection and shipping point.

We had everything from socks to sweaters to blankets and bibs. One lady sent a tote bag with some teething items that will come in handy later, I am sure.

I thought that taking a picture of the gifts arranged around a rocking chair would be appropriate. Since I am the sending person, I didn't wrap my gift for this photo, but except for the tote bag [the giver said that she thought the bag was the wrapping for the contents], everything came wrapped:
In the photo below, you can just see my wrapped gift in the corner. Luckily handmade baby gifts squish well, as the box was PACKED. I had to use the more serious customs form, and hopefully they will not give Suzanne and her husband any grief over the size of the box.

Below is a picture of the cardi I knit. My favourite pattern, and usually about a one-year size, which I think is more useful. I had hoped to find maple-leaf-shaped buttons and do something red-and-white, but the only ones I could find were olive green. Not the effect I wanted! So I used this colourful self-striping yarn which is mostly red-and-white, and found some fun and funky retro-looking op-art buttons:

I also tucked in some "stress relief" scented soap from a local maker, and some vanilla tealights, which are supposed to be relaxing. A new mother may need it!


Alison said...

Thank you so much for putting that together and mailing it all!

MargoLynn said...

Hey, the people who made the gifts are the ones who put it together - I just found a box big enough to hold it all.

sjanova said...

Margo Lynn: I'm so glad you were able to get it all in a box. I didn't think to add some $$ for postage -- and I should have since I do know it's not free! But thank you so much for organizing and mailing this all out. I was thinking recently that something was needed for the new mother and none of us had -- but you did. That was a great idea. Yes, I do hope she and her DH can get the box with no hassle. Thank you again for being a great organizer.

MargoLynn said...

No problem, Susan. Not everybody could contribute towards the postage, and I expected I would end up paying for all or most of it. That was part of my contribution to the gift.

Zan said...

I so wish I could hug you!!!!

Thank you a million times over for your generosity and kindness...

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