18 March 2011

I learned from another post that the items I had made were not sent to Afghanistan as intended, and probably were thrown away. So disappointing! Especially because I took a lot of time away from a family event to try to finish before the deadline. Apparently a totally sleeveless vest is OK, and long-sleeved sweaters, but not the short-sleeved sweater on the top left. Well, it was all the yarn I had and I could not find any more in those colours. Next time, I'll stop at vest and throw away the rest of the yarn or donate it someplace, and not waste my time with knitting.

Sorry, I shouldn't sound so nasty, I know. But when you knit for a charity, and put hard work and a lot of money into something, especially shipping it to them, and then they publicly post that your items are worthless, well - I am annoyed! I offered to send them money to retrieve my items, but since they are probably already thrown away it will likely get ignored.

Anyway, here is the message I posted on the blog for the charity, a note I have now deleted:

These were mailed from a relative's house, I was visiting as I finished the final sweater. I believe they made the last shipment, based upon when the postcard was returned to me. My relative had to send the picture because I didn't have my camera.

Top Left: Lite Lopi, doubled. This sweater has short sleeves because it's all the yarn I had. This had been in my stash for a while to make a fulled ("felted") bag but I thought this is a better use. It was going to be just a vest until I finished with one ball of each (I'd started with three of each colour) left over, so I decided to do as much of a sleeve as I could. I know that full-length sleeves are requested, so I thought of this as an extended vest.

Top Right: This was my UFO vest of alpaca-wool yarn, to which I added alpaca sleeves and neck ribbing. I happened to have in stash a few balls of a solid that worked very well with the pastels in the original yarn, and since Ann kept asking for sweaters, I was glad to oblige. It also gave me the opportunity to try a top-down set-in sleeve, and I think they came out OK.

Bottom Left: Red "whatever" sweater. Mostly using up yarns. The cuffs and collar are a brown-red handspun, the rest is this and that of commercial wool yarns such as Muskoska.

Bottom Right: A yarn called "Limbo," knitted double. It is 100% superwash wool. I used the Steppe sweater pattern, with the added collar. I still have a lot of this yarn left, so you will see it in the next campaign as well.

The socks in the middle are Red Heart's Heart & Sole in "Mellow." This is a proper sock yarn in wool and nylon, and I knitted double-stranded for speed.

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